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How can I pay for the Uzbekistan Airways ticket?
We accept credit cards at this website. You can pay for the ticket using a payment link (provided by our office) via PayPal. Or, there are two alternative ways to pay: by bank transfer into our account, or by money transfer system, such as Western Union. Please, contact us to discuss each of the above methods.

What ticket do I get when paid?
You will receive a real paper ticket, issued at the Main Office of the Uzbekistan Airways in Tashkent. It will be delivered to you by express mail such as DHL or TNT. There are several advantages for you to get the real paper ticket as compared to e-tickets or the PTA service. From our experience with the Uzbek air company, the travelers who receive e-tickets, may have problems with the requirement to visit the local office of the Airways in the city of departure to reconfirm the tickets.


Korean Air started flights to Navoi International Airport

28 August 2009
Korean Airlines has been operated flights to the Navoi International Airport over one year now.

EXPO.UZ Exhibition

18 August 2009
Best Product & Technology EXPO took place in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan airways introduced e-tickets

01 June 2008
Keeping pace with the global trends in the airline business, Uzbekistan Air company decided to introduce electronic tickets (e-tickets) for international flights...

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